98.486: modules declared in FlexMojos pom are not built


According to IDEA-52444 IntelliJ supports building multiple Flex modules that are defined in 1 pom using FlexMojos, but we're having trouble to get this to work.
I've added a comment to that issue, but not sure if someone notices since it's set to fixed. Hence this post.

Attached is a simple project that demonstrates the problem.

Can  you maybe explain how IntelliJ is supposed to behave with Flex modules?  Should it generate a config-report.xml and module.swf per module?

What  we see is that IntelliJ reports an error "Failed to generate Flex  compiler configuration file" each time we import the module. When we  build, no swf is created for the module, only for the application.  Running mvn clean compile from the command line does generate swf's for  module and application.

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Hi, Glenn,
I have noticed your comment to the issue and have answered there.


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