IdeaX UML: Incorrect Assosiations

I'm running Idea X 98.117, on a PC, with Windows XP SP3.

I've noticed that the UML diagrams produced by this version show associations in the wrong direction.
i.e. the black diamond is attached to the owned class and the arrowhead is attached to the owner.

See attached image, where MtmMspaceViewerFrame clearly owns DataLoader, but the association is drawn in the wrong direction.

Also, do we really need to show that all classes ultimately extend Object. It's not normal to show this as it leads to clutter and a huge number of arrows. I can remove Object from the diagram, but it just reappears the next time i open it.

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 19 16.49.gif
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We're at RC3 and 98.520 still shows this problem.
It would look bad to have a final release with something that's visually wrong.

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There'll be a better chance of fixing it if you open an issue in youtrack.

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Thank you for fixing the bug. I've been busy over the weekend or i would have filed a youtrack issue, as Sergei Ivanov suggested.


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