How to copy files from shared resources folder for multiple modules

Hi Guys

I have a project that has a number of flex and air modules. Some produce swf files hosted by an html file and some produce air applications.

Each of these modules need a folder with configuration files in copied to the output folder. This conf folder is at the project root outside all the module folders.

The html projects all need some js files copied to the output folder. These are in an assets/html folder also at the project root.

I have tried setting up the assets folder as a source root so that the contents of the html folder get copied but a folder can only be a source for one module.

How do I go about automatically copying this conf folder and the contents of the html folder when I build a module?


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You are right, straight-forward ways do not allow to accomplish that.
You can configure the same output folder for all Flash build configurations.
Or you cancreate a simple Ant task that would copy files, add this build scritp to Ant tool window and configure ant target to be run before or after each compilation.


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