Export/Import settings forgets almost all of them!?

Hello List,

I am setting up a new project consisting of several modules in IDEA. This has been a thoroughly frustrating experience: this trivial thing already takes 2 hours due to no end of strange behaviour in IDEA.

The problem I'm having now is this: I want to export the settings I'm using in a completely different project and use them in the new one. While this works it seems to "forget" almost every setting that is useful, like code style, Java compiler settings. The manual states that some of these settings are "project" settings but fails to explain how to export those properly.

Is there any way to export ALL settings for a project, instead of just the few I get now?



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Project settings belong to this specific project and there is no way to export them and reuse in a different project all at once.

As for the code style, you can save it as IDE code style and reuse in other projects.

There is also Tools | Save Project as Template, File | Other Settings | Default Settings / Default Project Structure that can help you to customize the defaults for the new projects.


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