Intelij code coverage only one that works?


for some reason recently our cobetura shows now code or close to 3% coverage of unit test

i've run some code coverages using interlij itself, and it shows coverage only when i use Interlij Idea Coverage Runner, tryign jaCoCo runner shows no coverage as well.

i'm using java 7..

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Any errors in idea.log/build.log (

Feel free to report a bug at with a small sample project to reproduce.

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i think i've managed to find it, cobetura was trasnplretnly updated by maven, and th new version uses slf4j, we also use slf4j , and i've noticed just as it was about to write the report i got a no NoSuchMethodError exception.

we are not in the process of moving to jacoco (because we wanna use java8) and i'm trying to figure out why jacoco reports more coverage then cobetura


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