Flex: config_for_tests.xml not found error

The last few days I have been fairly regularly getting the following error when attempting to run a flexunit test through IDEA:

Compiler configuration file for tests ('{my module's path}/target\config_for_tests.xml') for module 'my-module' is not found or invalid.

This is in a module with a Flex Facet for a SWC. I've looked and I do see that that configuration file is missing. I always run the 'clean' goal as part of my Maven Builds. Therefore this file along with the target directory is removed. If I do a force reimport on that module's POM the config_for_tests.xml file returns (usually). Needing to do this is obviously a major productivity killer. A typical working pattern for me is to do a full clean build & deploy through maven. If a test breaks, I then go into IDEA to determine why and need to run that test individually through IDEA. Having to stop and reimport the module (which can take 30 seconds to a couple of minutes) is very inconvenient.

I do not recall ever getting this error prior to 94.585; but I was not working in my SWC modules much either, so I am not sure which is the reason I did not encounter this before. Before I open a YouTrack issue I wanted to see if maybe there was a problem with my configuration. I'm not seeing anything.



Your configuration and workflow are ok.
You may copy the config_for_tests.xml file away from target folder and update respective Flex facet setting. Unfortunately this setting will be reset to default after reimport. We'll think for a better solution.


Thanks Alexander for the information and quick reply. I'll move it elsewhere and deal with the resetting of it on a reimport until a better solution is developed.

Possible you could put it in the .IntelliJIdea90\system directory. Similar to what is done for tomcat configurations. Such as a .IntelliJIdea90\system\Flex directory. Or may be put it right within the .IntelliJIdea90\system\Maven\Projects\<projectName> directory. Or the project's .idea directory. But that may cause VCS issues. Not sure. Just some thoughts.

Thanks again.


By the way, did you want me to open a YouTrack on this for you?


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