9.0.2 best Flex coding IDE

A lot of bug fixes in Maia UI - 94.585, many related to Flex/AS3/MXML code inspection - I am very pleased with the continuous improvements of IDEA 9 being the best coding IDE for Flex.

I know there is no market for a Flex UI designer in IDEA (and most coders do not really need one or use good old Flash Builder), but - are we going to see a profiler in the near future? That would be awesome.


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On 18.03.2010 10:21, Peter Jacobsen wrote:

are we going to see a profiler in the near future? That would be awesome.

I've heard such rumors several times already about upcoming IDEA 10
release ;)

Best regards,
   Maxim Mossienko
IntelliJ Labs / JetBrains Inc.
"Develop with pleasure!"

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I have to agree with Peter. There is no way back to FDT or Flash Builder! Thanx for all the time and energy investing to make the Flex guys happy.

So, when do we get an EAP for IDEA 10

Best regards, Florian

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I'm not sure if there are any quality equivalents of ASM for AVM bytecode, but having built-in code coverage would be very nice..

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In the last couple of weeks I started trying IntelliJ 9.0.2 EAP on our flex source code, and intially there were a ton of RED errors.  I filed a bunch of "good code red" youtrack issues, and Maxim M. and others resolved almost all the issues.   Now, with IU-94.585, about 95% of the files are GREEN.  The only signficant source of "good code red" errors is that we have some MXML files which include ActionScript files using this syntax:

<mx:Script source="ComponentFunctions.as"/>

In some cases, the developer really shouldn't have put the actionscript in an external file. It should have just been included in the MXML file.  But we have some cases where code is being "shared" between MXML files in this manner.  I really don't like injecting actionscript from a file into the MXML -- this is the exact same problem we had with developers including JSP fragments into JSP files. IntelliJ is correctly evaluating JSP fragments in the context of which JSP file(s) they are included into, so maybe IntelliJ can do the same for MXML/ActionScript.

Other case where we have "good code red" is where MXML is using  fully encapsulated actionscript components; When editing the actionscript for one of these components, IntelliJ cannot resolve "flash.events.Event" class or some other core class because the actionscript class doesn't import it.  The code compiles because the actionscript class is only ever referenced by MXML file which imports "flash.events.*" already.  I could fix these by adding the import to the actionscript class, but the problem is that currently at my company everyone is using FlexBuilder for flex development, so they don't see these errors.  It would be nice if IntelliJ somehow handled this, i.e. evalulate actionscript component in context of the MXML file(s) it is included in.

One other comment is with the JavaScript inspections being using for ActionScript.  Some of the Javascript inspections are specific to the Javascript running inside a browser.  And there are differences between ActionScript and JavaScript.  Jetbrains seems to be patching the inspections where possible so it supports both languages. But I think to make things clear the toplevel "Javascript" inspection should be renamed as either "Javascript/Actionscript" or the base dialect "ECMAScript" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ECMAScript) , and then have subfolders for Javascript/browser specfic inspections and ActionScript specific inspections.  I think there are probably alot of new inspections that could also be added for ActionScript and/or MXML.

I haven't done much active flex development using IntelliJ yet, so I can't comment how well completion and refactoring are working.   I'm startng the design/implementation phase of our next release, and I am going to use IntelliJ now instead of FlexBuilder for any flex work and see how it goes. Hopefully things like Introduce Variable and Extract Method are working without alot of bugs...

For me, it is a no-brainer to use IntelliJ for flex development since I have used IntelliJ for so many years for java/j2ee development.  But trying to convert our UI developers who do 100% flex development and have only ever known FlexBuilder is probably a lost cause.  Heck, I can't even get our java developers using Eclipse to switch to IntelliJ...

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