Scopes from changesets

Is it possible to use VCS changesets as a kind of custom scope, primarily in this case to limit search & replace. But other tools that support scopes might be useful.

Seem to remember IDEA used to be able to do something like this from the Changes tool, but this is no longer present in IDEA 14. The current Changes popups no longer seem to affect the main menu and search options.

Creating a scope from a changeset should work, but can't see an easy means to create it?

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Hi Richard,
There is a couple of predefined VCS-related scopes which can be used in some actions, in particular in Find Usages and Find In Path:

Does it help?

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Yes thanks, that should work. I did look at that drop down, but clearly didn't scroll down past the fold far enough (much lower down in find in path). Spent too long trying to get the old way to work, changes popups & svn changelist tool.

There was a changebar plugin that claims to be able to do this, but hasn't been updated for 7 years.


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