PersistentStringEnumerator storage corrupted in actionscript


My co-workers and I (three of us total), are seeing this exception several times a day.  This is on 98.231 on both Windows and MacOSX.  It ends up triggering two to three full rebuilds before it starts respecting dependencies again, taking perhaps 30 minutes each time.  This wastes hours of our day.  We really like the speed and other improvements of Idea X, but we have to consider going back to 9 because of this bug.  We've tried clearing caches, etc...

Is there anything we can do to help track this down?

Thanks so much for making great software,



What antivirus software do you use? Please try to exclude IDEA system folder from antivirus automatic scanning or switch off antivirus for some time to check if it is the reason.
No more ideas so far. Investigation in progress.


I'm on a mac, with no anti-virus software.  I could attach those caches files to the bug...



Fixed! Next EAP is planned very soon.


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