Question about clearcase version control support...

I have a question about Rational Clearcase support in Idea 8.

I'm working on a product that that is stored in Clearcase. Clearcase is configured to use UCM and multiple projects (quite complex actually!). Now when I'm in Idea (I've loaded all the files in etc) and start to make chages to files, bug fixes for example, I create a new Idea Change list.
Now I've told Idea that I'm using UCM model (via the Version Control->VCSs->Clearcase Setting page) so I would expect a matching clearcase activity to be created but it is not. I have to manually go to the command line and create a matching activity, if I don't I can't check the files in.

This doesn't sound right to me, I've used Idea in the past with Subversion and had no problems, is there something special I have to do to use Idea with Clearcase?

Any thoughts, comments?

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