Can't navigate between test/subject in JavaScript

I'm trying to enable test <--> subject navigation per instructions in Creating JavaScript Unit Tests.

My dir structure is simple and seems to match the instructions.

src (marked as source)
test (marked as test)

Yet the Navigate -> Test menu item is greyed out and I can't navigate between those two files.
How should I solve this problem?

In addition, how can I get more flexability with my directory and file naming structure. For example, I'd like to be able to run the following layout, but I don't see any place I can configure what test/subject navigation is supposed to look for.



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Navigate/Test is not currently supported for JavaScript. Pleadse vote for to be notified on any progress

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Thank you!

Is this something the community can implement or do we have to wait for JetBrains to prioritize?

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Seems you have to wait until it's fixed by JetBrains:(


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