IntelliJ IDEA stalls for several minutes until hitting first breakpoint

I've experienced the problem below with several Rails projects while debugging in IntelliJ IDEA 14 Ultimate.

If I set no breakpoints and load a page through the browser, the debugger executes the code quickly and the page is loaded.

If I set a breakpoint in the Rails code (line break, not conditional) and load that same page, however, I'll see some logging activity in the debugger console and then IntelliJ will stall for SEVERAL minutes (5 to 8 minutes, if not longer), with the debugger controls still indicating that execution is active, until it finally brings up the breakpoint and indicates that execution is paused on that line.

This only happens for the very first breakpoint encountered during a debugging session. If there are other breakpoints along the way, there's no stalling. If I load the same page for a second time, there is also no stalling at that same breakpoint. If after IntelliJ stalls on a breakpoint I go on to set addtional breakpoints for other pages and load those pages, there's also no stalling.

Has anyone experienced any such issues? Any idea what could possibly cause it? I'm not sure where to start.


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That looks like the known one issue:

What IDEA version are you using? Have you tried with 14.1.3?

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I'm using IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 14.0.3. Is there a fix for this issue in version 14.1.3? I see on the page you linked to that there is a fix on RubyMine v7.1.1 but I'm not sure how that relates to the IntelliJ versions ... would the fix be in the Ruby plugin rather than IDEA itself?

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That should be fixed in IDEA 14.1.3, please take a look at the following comment:

Could you check whether the issue persists with this version of IDEA?


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