'disabling' / 'taming' autoformating in 14.1.2


I've got problem with too eager autoformat. I write a text wait for a second thinking and what I wrote is suddenly somewhere else.

• In javadoc I write @throws in wrong line and before I can finish line, what I wrote is two lines lower
• I'm writing sentence, stop while thinking with line ending with space, and before I can continue, space is deleted and I have to fix badly written words.
• I'm writing new code and just want to create few blank lines to 'have space'. Immediately after that IDE deletes them for me.

I don't want to fight with IDE, neither I'm able to write crystal clear code directly. So is there a way how to delay this reformating, ideally trigger it manually only. Or disabling it altogether? This is just slowing me down.


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and especially bothering is auto-formatted merge conflicts.


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