Ambiguous EJB reference


We seem to have a sort of regression from old Diana EAP releases in Maia. My
project has numerous dependent EJB3 jar files. There was a bug a long time
ago that caused all injections using @EJB in a multi jar project to come up
in red flagged as having 'ambiguous reference' (The interface is determined
to be not enough to determine the appropriate implementation even though
there is exactly one interface for one session bean in all cases). It was
fixed a while ago in Diana but the same behavior is back in MAIA. All, and I
mean all, EJB injections are flagged red now.

I couldn't find the old bug number.



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Same problem.
I have a multi-module maven project and the injected cross references of EJB are red-flagged with the above description.

Idea 9.0.3
#IU 95.429
JDK 1.6.0_017
Windows XP



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