eclipse compiler and lombok not working

I am getting compilation errors when trying to use the new eclipse compiler and the lombok library that does compile time code generation. I have no problems with the standard compiler. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a something I need to configure or a work-around?


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Hi Florian,
The description is too general. Compiling errors migt be caused either by processor configuration, dependency configuration between modules of your project or by compiler/annotation processor internal bugs.
If processors are discovered and run, then the problem is most likely in combination of compiler/annotation processor. Please note the annotation processor is essentially a compiler extension and is a "black box" for IDEA.



I've the same problem, specifically the lombok annotations aren't
processed, resulting in missing getter/setter all around the code.

In the lombok docs is explained how to use it with ecj

java -javaagent:lombok.jar=ECJ -Xbootclasspath/p:lombok.jar -jar ecj.jar -cp lombok.jar (rest of arguments)

Given that it would be very useful if a user could set these advanced options for launch the ecj (but could be the same for other compiler).


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