Latest X EAP Locks Up Indexing

Have a directory with a lot of JS and HTML, indexing starts then freezes and there is no exceptions or reasons why. I have to forcefully kill it.


Here is the thread dump:
There are no stacktraces or errors or any kind just simply hangs during indexing.


I have been having the same problem with reindexing maven projects, but I think it is related to Perforce plugin and I get ConnectionTimeout exceptions even though it can connect fine. Sam, are you still using the P4 plugin?


I use it yes but there are no exceptions or errors, it simply hangs.
I tried letting it go for over 30 mins. and nothing.


It seems something wrong with ColdFusion integration...

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Here you go:


Original message URL:


Ah interesting, with 9 I have the plugin installed.
The latest version of 9 gives me no problem indexing.


The problem is fixed. The fix will appear in next EAP.
Thank you for reporting and sorry for inconvenience.


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