Foreign Language Keyboard Shortcuts


I am working in Seden for a short period of time and have come unstuck with keyboard shortcuts.

The most obvious one is Comment With Line Comment "Ctrl + Slash"

The slash on a Swedish keyboard is Shift-7, which prevents me from using the shortcut.

I can use the Windows language bar to switch to a UK keyboard but I don't always remember 100% where everything is.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Is there a quick way for me to change the shortcuts and then share them with the other people in my team?

Maybe export the keymap to XML or something?

EDIT: Just noticed that I can use the NUM Slash as well for the comment, but the sharing question still stands.



Feel free to check IJ keymap concept:

... All user-defined keymaps are stored in separate configuration files under the config/keymaps subdirectory in the IntelliJ IDEA profile directory:
  • Windows and *NIX systems: <User home>/.IntelliJ IDEA<xx>/config/keymaps
  • Macintosh systems:~/Library/Preferences/.IntelliJ IDEA<xx>/keymaps/

You may submit corresponding tickets that target lack of documentation if necessary to IJ tracker as well.

Regards, Denis


The ctrl+slash shortcut isn't working on german keyboard layout too. My workaround has always been to use the "divide by"-sign on the numpad instead of "slash". This works out of the box for me.


I have the same problem. I have us layout and german layout. Altough I have switched to us layout. the ctrl + / not working and and 'z' and 'y' are switched



I have the same problem on my MacBook. Fortunately it is easy to redefine shortcuts. Just go to Preferences -> Keymap and search for the command and assign it to any shortcut you like. 


I have a macbook with Turkish keyboard. When I hit CMD + ., line commenting works.


I don't think redefining all the shortcuts can be considered a solution... This is very frustrating and not happening in other IDEs (e.g. Eclipse). If this cannot be easily solved, I'll keep using Eclipse.


We have a ticket for this problem, please upvote:


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Hi there,

It looks like this problem is still not solved. I have a French layout and a UK layout in my system. When switching to UK layout, none of ctrl + A/Z works, the system still takes the French layout, e.g. for undo, I need to ctrl + w, while when I check the Settings > Keymap, it shows undo is ctrl + z. This is very confusing. Please fix it.




Same problem with the Spanish keyboard layout. Please suggest an alternative set of shortcuts depending on the existing layout.




Same problem here with a Swedish keyboard.. plz fix asap!


Same problem here, I am using two physical keyboards, one US-English, one German, for pair-programming. I have a hotkey for switching the logical keyboard layout so my pairing partner can use the German keyboard he is used to. Yet the shortcuts seem to be based on the physical key location rather than the logical layout. I.e., Ctrl-Y is delete line on the US layout, but on the German layout it's the same key that deletes a line, even though now that's logical Ctrl-Z. Very confusing.

The IDE should use the logical keyboard layout, or at least offer a switch option. Apparently is does for Mac OS ("prefer key position over keychar") but doesn't for Linux?

This should be simple and work out of the box, and not something that needs to be fixed by the user.


Seriously, is this ever going to be fixed? 9 years later, nothing has happened?


Please see the official comment from JetBrains on this matter: 


I've seen that, but there is no solution there either. This should just work. Long ago.

From my perspective, nothing has happened.


Same with Swedish keyboard. It seems to add a shortcut one the line (a 7 is popping up in the left border).


If you are on Mac try Prefer key position over key char with national layout option in Preferences | Keymap.


Andrey Dernov Where is this setting for Linux or Windows users? Can't find it in 2020.2 IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate. For example "Ctrl + Shift + `" simply does not work on German layout on these although indicated by the IDE.


That option (Prefer key position over key char with national layout) doesn't appear to me either, PyCharm 2021.1.1 (Professional Edition) on a MacBook Pro 16,1 it only shows the "Show F1, F2, etc. keys on the Touch Bar (requires restart)". I'm using a Spanish - ISO keyboard. Basically can't use the IDE shortcuts, I can collapse blocks of code, but cannot expand them using shortcuts, I can't comment single lines of code or blocks of code, can't duplicate selected text, etc. But they do work normally in a FREE editor such as VSCode, this is kinda a blow off.


D4vsanchez what is the version of IntelliJ IDEA? Try updating to 2021.1.1. Similar problem has been fixed here in the scope of

As for missing option, see 


Konstantin Annikov I'm using PyCharm 2021.1.1. Using CMD + / (which is CMD + Shift + 7 in a Spanish keyboard) doesn't work, same for CMD + + to expand blocks it's the same key combination in a Spanish keyboard but pressing the key combination does nothing.

For the missing option, both selecting Spanish - ISO or Spanish, the option is not appearing for me.


Here is the bug for that: Please follow it for updates. 

For the time being, reassigning the shortcut could help. 


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