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I'd like to see this too even though I think Rally is a terrible product (I'm forced to use it). The reality is I think we are unlikely to see this integration because the folks at Rally decided it'd be a smart idea to not allow you to lookup US/DE items with the API using the external id. e.g.

There is no pattern of access similar to https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/detail/df/DE1234.

Instead you need to either know the internal id of the item (very unlikely without copying it from the UI) or perform a search and do some more complex parsing of the results to determine the internal id.

So the access is more like: https://rally1.rallydev.com/slm/detail/df/534980340123  (where DE1234 is the object id 534980340123).

Some people have built proxies for this... but really it's beyond stupid that a development team can write a product like Rally and not support this standard pattern of access. Obviously the above is for the web UI, not the API - but the same problem is encountered there too.

See http://agilecommons.org/posts/b6de33d318 and http://agilecommons.org/posts/8a4ec72f3d

As far as I know this is still an outstanding feature request - Rally certainly haven't contacted me to let me know they've fixed this.



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