maven pom editing II...

it would be great to have a configuration option which allows for configuration of delaying auto-importing/-indexing of maven projects when editing a pom... like 'auto import after 500/1000/2000ms. after last keystroke'.
Turning it completely off is an acceptable work-around but having this feature being configurable would really be better IMHO.


Currently it shows message on top that pom.xml has been changed and need to be reparsed, I think this is the best option


I personally keep auto-importing turned off. That way when I am making major changes, I am not "interrupted" by a sudden auto-importing. Even a timed delay might not be sufficient.Plus when I am done editing, I am done and immediately want to see the effects to validate the work before moving on to the next task at hand.

I mapped a keyboard shortcut to the "Force Reimport All Maven Projects" action. That way when I am done editing (or if in the middle of editing and want to verify something) it's a simple keyboard command to do a reimport. No need to use that pesky old mouse, or wait for a timeout to occur.


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