Can't Start IDEA X After Install

I downloaded the IDEA X install .exe and ran it.  When I try to start IntelliJ I get the attached log message and a thread dump.  The exception is:

Caused by: C:\Documents and Settings\mduffy\.IntelliJIdea10\system\index\filenameindex\FilenameIndex.ver (Access is denied)
I checked my /bin/ - the folders exist.  What happened?


I think this is the issue where Windows assumes the.ver file is a pagefile (or similar) and locks access to the file. I think the filename just needs to be changed. I think if you search the forum or the bugs you can find more information and potentially a work around.


Hi Charles,

Thanks for the heads up, but I'm still not sorted out.  I searched the issues log and forum for a solution, without success.  

I hate to sound like such a helpless noob, but can you narrow it down for me a bit more?  A link or an example might do the trick, unless I'm exceptionally thick today.  Thanks.


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