X: Align Fields/variables groups

How exactly is this new alignment option meant to work?

Currently for fields annotations and blank lines prevent the alignment, for example in
    private GridBean gridBean;

    private String gridId;

Also to me it seems that currently local variables are never aligned.

Then: Is there a way to align multiline parameter declarations, for example
    public ExtJsPageResponse<RoleDto> getRoles(@FormParam("start") int start,
                                               @FormParam("limit") int limit,
                                               @FormParam("sort") String sortKey,
                                               @FormParam("dir") String sortDirection,
                                               @FormParam("filterItems") boolean queryFilterItems,
                                               @FormParam("filters") FilterItemsDto inFilterItems)

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Hi Stephen,

Blank lines break alignment by design. I.e. the idea is that  you always can insert blank lines between the fields if you want to ensure that they are not aligned.

Annotation shouldn't prevent alignment. I created corresponding ticket for that - IDEA-56946

About alignment in columns for local variables - IDEA-56947

About method parameters alignment - there is a dedicated option for that - 'Project settings -> Code Style -> Alignment and Braces -> Align when multiline -> Method parameters'



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