Code analysis is very slow in 14.1

I have a large Java-8 based Maven project with several submodules. I now witness the following strange behaviour:

  • User-triggered  code analysis, e.g., when committing something to Git, is VERY slow -  it sometimes takes two or three minutes to run
  • When an  inspection generates a warning and highlights a piece of code, e.g. for  an unchecked cast, fixing it or adding an appropriate @SuppressWarnings  makes the highlight and warning only go away after several minutes
  • During this period, one CPU thread is constantly at 100%.

This only happens with Idea 14.1, not with 14.0.3. I am using the Linux version with Oracle's JDK 1.8u40.

Did anyone witness the same?


I would like to, but I cannot get the profiler to run. I copied the libyjpagent library to my idea/bin directory, modified the .vmoptions and when running from the command line, it tells me that YourKit is running, but the profiling items do not appear in the Tools menu.

But I added an idea.log I captured when this happened. I masked some class names and file names because they are internal to our company.


See a note about profiling Community edition in the document that I've linked.


Unfortunately, our internal regulations make it impossible to use the evaluation version of YourKit. So for now, I stick with 14.0.3 which works fine and try to reproduce this problem at home with another project. Thanks anyway.


It is the same with mine.


Glad to see that I am not the only one. Maybe you can profile this then.


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