14.1 - Not showing Local Changes


This seems to be broken in both 14.1 and 14.1.1.

I don't really know how to recreate this bug for submission but it is persistent. I have local changes in my maven project. The editor tab isn't blue, its not showing up in the changelist. I am doing a direct comparison with GIT Head and the differences are clearly marked. There is nothing for me to push from my local repo.

Windows 7
IJ 14.1.1
Maven 3


Make sure Git root is set correctly in Settings | Version Control.

Check idea.log (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23352446) for errors.

Try deleting IDE system folder (https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/entries/23358108) and refresh the changes after restart.


My problem was solved after deleted .idea folder in project. (2017.3 EAP)


A similar problem. Solved by deletion .idea folder AND <projectname>.iml in the project root. 


Same issue. CLion 2020.1. 

Issue does not resolve when deleting '.idea' folder.

Issue Persist in multiple tools (PyCharm, CLion), and in all projects



I don't think it is the same issue.

Most likely you made a clean install of the IDE, and it enabled the new commit UI, which introduces the separate Commit toolwidnow. Changes are now displayed there - see https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/whatsnew/#version-control


You can get back to the old interface by unchecking checkbox in Settings -> Version Control -> Commit -> Use non-modal commit interface 


`unchecking checkbox in Settings -> Version Control -> Commit -> Use non-modal commit interface `

That only got me part of the way there. I still only see diffs in a modal diff window. It's jarring and breaks years of workflow for me.

Fortunately I had access to a copy that still had my preferences and was able to restore this behavior by exporting and importing my settings between the copies. Learn from my good luck and always back up your settings.

I honestly find this baffling. I can understand trying something new, but removing any obvious way of restoring behavior that's been part of my muscle memory for the 9 years I've been paying for this product doesn't serve any purpose I can think of. Every third-party git client I've tried makes it easy to see diffs in the same window as you move between altered files.

I like JetBrains tools because I can live in them as much or as little as I want and this pushes me back into the terminal or into a different git client, not for making commits but for tracking changes and leaving comments as I navigate a legacy codebase. I want to stay in the editor for this.

Please put back the option to show local changes with an inline diff for the file in focus.


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