Is it possible in Intellij (surround with method?!/refactoring)?

Hi Intellij Community.
I am pretty bad at searching internet for this functionallity I will describe. I would like to ask if this is possible in intellij?
Let's say I have line


and I would like to transform it to


Also is it possible to do something like


and if I put my carret after "my" in "myMethod" and would let codeCompletion suggest me "myAnotherMethod" and by some magic shortcut it would end in



Thank you

PS: I hope I made it clear what I am looking for :)

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What is the use case? Why do you need to do it so often?

Did you try the surround live template?

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Well to be honest I dont know right now some specific use case, but it was mostly required during some refactorings and it happend to me so often that I had to ask here :).
Fortunately I find out method how to satisfy my first use case. Simple ctrl+shift+enter (Complete Current Statement).

Thanks anyway


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