IU-95.24 Regression - GIT revert on OS-X 10.6.3 does not work

I do not exactly note when it started - but the latest 9.0.2 EAPs brought the "no synchronization on GIT revert" bug back under OS-X. After a GIT revert the editor tab marks the title in black (suggestsing that the changes were reverted), but the editor content does not get updated. Even forcing a synchronization via file menu does not help. I have to shutdown IDEA and restart, sometimes I even have to clear the whole cache - really annoying. For now I had to switch to an external GIT tool. Filed in YouTrack under http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/IDEA-53995?projectKey=IDEA .

Please fix this for 9.0.2 final.

Thanks and Regards,

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