Can I suspend automatic project config file upgrade for a while ?

I have upgraded to 14.1 (Ultimate) today. And IDEA upgraded some of my project config files and added new ones, which is a good thing under normal conditions.

But now, I have to rebase a few branches where the files still have te old content. IDEA's regular checking and upgrading of these files creates "locally modified files" that I always have to clean up manually before I can do the rebase. In a few cases, it even upgraded the files during the rebase, making the problem even bigger.
Switching between an old and a new branch with different versions of the config files is also difficult.

So, I would like to suspend the file upgrade until I rebased everything. Is there an option or a trick to do this ?


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You can't prevent project files update. If .iml files are not changed and only files in .idea directory are changed, you can create a new project without modules in another directory, then import existing modules from the original project via .iml files. This way the files inside .idea directory in the original project location will not change.

If the changes are in the .iml files as well, it would be much more complicated.


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