Flex Facet does not allow output filename to be specified for custom config

Maia EAP 94.585
Win 7

I have a module with a flex facet.

If I specify to use a default compiler configuration I can specify an output file name and it compiles ok.

If I specify to use custom compiler configuration I can no longer specify an output file name and on compilation get the following error

"configuration variable 'output' was not set"

The problem is still present when selecting to use both default and custom configurations as the output file name is still not editable.

How is the output file specified when using a custom configuration or both custom and default configuration?




You would specify the output folder in your custom flex compile xml:




This seems like an unneccesary constraint considering that default and custom can be combined.


To use both autogenerated and custom flex compiler configuration file you may do following:

  • uncheck 'Use custom compiler configuration file'
  • write Additinal compiler options: -load-config+=my_custom_config.xml

Usually I let IDEA create a first shot of the config template, copy it and use it as custom configuration. Then I would do all my further configuration in this one file, because the structure and all options are clearly documented in the flex-config.xml which comes with the Flex SDK - so it only partially overrides stuff from there, and I know exactly what I am doing. If you use the SDK flex-config.xml, then the IDEA provided template config plus your custom config - it might get confusing regarding which overrides which. My experience at least.



Good tip thanks Peter.

Hi Alexander, yes I managed to get it working as your suggested although I think the Help pages dont quite align with this.

thanks again for the responses.


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