Profile-based configuration ideas...

No puns intended...

Since the advent of maia, I've been finding, in numerous occasions, quite a few criticial IDE performance factors linked directly to my Intellij configurations.  I know that's generally a true statement anyways, but experience would indicate that it's noticeably more acute in intellij9 than intellij8.  That said, I'd said that most of the problem stemmed from inspection settings and plugins.  A few, though, can be pointed to other settings like "animate windows", intentions, etc.

This got me thinking... would it not be possible for Intellij to ship with some common "factory" settings that would better tailor to different types of developers?  A beginner developer might benefit greatly from features like inspection and intentions.  But a code guru might not.  In fact, he/she might rather have a very nimble coding environment that reacts in lockstep to his/her fingers.  Similarly, one developer might have a monster workstation and thus can spare all the CPU cycles for Intellij to perform all sorts of background intelligence.  Another might be limping on a 3-legged Pentium IV stool (sorry if that's you..).  Another view: the same developer might want to, at times, let Intellij provides all the wonderful suggestions and help... while other times, just have his/her own brain doing the work.  Different skillset, different setup, different objective of a IDE -- different configuration profile.

The reason I am request for JetBrains to consider this is that I don't have the proper tool or the aptitude to truly understand what sort of nobs and switches would either improve IDE performance or enhance IDE developer-assisting features.  As said before, my experience is that most of the performance hits are linked to the inspection settings.  But simply turning off the entire inspection thang seems a bit too blunt.  A few critical ones like, "Redundant local variables" and "equals() and hashCode() not paired", I can't do without.  Plus there are other settings that could have certain performance effect in combiation.  Perhaps from JetBrains' perspective, there might be a better way to determine "how much settings" is "too much".

Perhaps we can have something like a "light user", "normal user" and "power user" profile to start.  That way, those of us who feel that the IDE is not as fast as we like can thruttle down to a lighter profile - with the understanding that with speed comes the penalty of features (lack thereof).  And then one could always start from that point and start tweaking a few more features to come up with his/her profile

Just a thought.... maybe I'm not explaining well, but I do see some value in this.  Your thoughts?


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I get what you are saying like 'power settings' on your computer. You can save your battery life but at the penality of performance.

Currently 'Inspections' have a menu that can be selected from, and they can be Exported and Imported.
Currently 'Appearance' with 'animate windows' I don't see a way for this to be exported or imported.
Currently 'Intentions' I don't see a way for this to be imported or exported.
Then there are 'uneeded' plugins which may impact speed.

Perhaps if JetBrains provided a way to export/import 'Intentions' or even provided a way to export/import intentions and inspections as a bundle.

Then I feel sure some IJ users would create a set of 'Power Profiles' that they could share.


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Thanks, Rob.  That's a start.

Considering the newbies and the curious as well, it'd still be good that Intellij comes with a factory-preset of these "light", "normal" and "power" profiles to give a better overall impression.  Some of the developers I worked with are new to Intellij.  After messing around with the settings a bit, now they are complainin that Intellij's too slow to be usable. Of course, I could help them some (and did), but it'd be more helpful if one could just press a button that says "back off and give me speed!" or "enlighten me, old wise one" or "little bit of both, please", and viola... you get my point...

But I like your ideas though.  I could see myself switching from setting to another based on my environment -- plugged in or on the road.  Also, having community contribution would be a great thing.  I always welcome that...


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