How to run Tomee configuration as different user in IntelliJ?


I'm running the latest version of Mac OS X.

My TomEE server runs as tomcat:tomcat (user:group).

Tomee starts from the command line perfectly - however, running it from IntelliJ is failing.  There are some errors during startup with permission being denied.

I think this is because the tomee folder/all files are owned by the tomcat user and group - how can I get intelliJ to run them as this user?  I'm hoping I don't have to change the ownership of the web app etc.  permissions are an integral part of a *nix based system...

Please help!!


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You can modify the startup script of Tomee so that it calls java via sudo as the required user. Or you can make a wrapper script that will run the original script via sudo and configure IDEA to start Tomee via this wrapper script.


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