How to configure the maximum views of "Back/Forward" in navigate menu in IDEA?

  The Back/Forward commands are real very useful, but it seems that the maximum views I can go back or forward is 20. This maximum is not enough for me, and I can not find where to configure this value.
  Could anyone help me? Thanks for your attention.

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Hi Jason,

I took a look at the implementation of BackAction code and I don't see any limitation there. Furthermore, I did quick test on mine Community Edition 14 and I was able to navigate for more than 20 times with Ctrl + Alt + Left.
Which version of IDEA do you use and what is the context in which you try this (Java code or others)?


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Sorry for not responding in time.  
I use the 14.0.2 community version for Scala. I try again, and find that if there is no operation( such as click/edit/jump)  among 'back's, it can go back as far as it can.  But if there is some operation among 'back's, it will stop there, and can't go back to the original beginning of the views. I think going back to the original first views as far as possible is useful( at least for me), and suppose the views are cache likes a "stack"(Last In First Out), just as other IDE( such as Source Insight or Eclipse).
Anyways, it is very kind of your to offer the answer, thank you very much.

Best regards,


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