excessive CPU usage in Mavericks OS X

After updating to Mavericks I have excessive CPU % for IntelliJ up to 400%.

How can I start to debug this?


Try switching off the Transparency on Maverics.

Did the trick for me. Seems OSX is force rendering apps on the background even when they are not in the use, and for some reason this makes AppCode to run like crazy.


I am also having very high CPU usage in OSX (10.10)

I opened up a relatively small project and got the following CPU usage in activity monitor:

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 10.06.28 AM.png

I also took a CPU profile which is attached. I would really like to use webstorm but at this point it gets so slow on my macbook air that I can't use it.

Edit: I just realized I posted a reply to the wrong thread, sorry about that


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