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I am a heavy user of IDEA-9.1 (Maia). Since all projects that I'm currently working on use Java 6, is there any way for me to have JDK 6 (aka JDK 1.6) pre-selected for all future new projects or existing projects that I choose to open with IDEA? Specifically I want

  • the Project SDK set to 1.6
  • the Project language level set to 6.0

Currently whenever I open an existing JDK 6 project, the Project language level is set to 5.0 by default which results in IDEA pointing out errors with the @Override annotation in concrete classes that implement interface methods. I have to manually select Project language level 6.0 which results in the project being loaded (and built by IDEA) all over again.

Screenshot attached and thanks in advance.

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I assume you mean 9.0.1 and not 9.1

You can set the default in File | Other Settings | Template Project Structure  - The JDK is under Project Settings | Project

The Template Settings and Template Project Structure dialogs allow you to set default values for a number of things when a new project is created.

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Yes, I do mean 9.01 and not 9.1 - my apologies. Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestion. It works just great. It's not entirely intuitive but works well for me. This will save me time and needless frustration.


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