Maven archetype repository

When you create a new Maven project it will show a list of archetypes.
Is there a way to configure the repository where this list is retrieved from?
I want to set the archetype catalog.

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Let someone from the staff correct me, but I don't think specifying a custom archetype-catalog file is possible.
However, it should be possible to configure archetypes in <USER_HOME>/.m2/archetype-catalog.xml file which is default for maven.

Btw although I see in IDEA community eddition sources that this file should be parsed and archetypes read from it, I couldn't get it working on my machine, but right now I don't have time to investigate why.

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To follow up on this:

There is a similar feature request about configuring archetype repositories, year and a half old:

I entered a new issue for the fact that the archetypes from archetype-catalog.xml are not loaded:


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