Accessing the Ant SecureInputHandler in an Ant Build File

I am using Ant within IntelliJ (Ultimate v14.0.3).  In the final deploy step I need to input a user ID and password to be used to execute the file transfer.  I want to do the password input securely.  The Ant documentation describes the use of input handlers, and in particular, a SecureInputHandler.  This class resides within the ant.jar file bundled with IntelliJ 14.  If I include the Ant task to use the SecureInputHandler, the password dialog is not displayed, and the build hangs at the password input step.  If I leave out the reference to the SecureInputHandler, the build runs fine, but the password is visible as plain text (not asterisks or dot symbols).  Here is a snippet of my build file:

<target name="cme.deploy" depends="cme.cleanup" description="securely upload jar file to server">
    <input message="Please enter Atlas username:" addproperty="atlas.username"/>
    <input message="Enter password for Atlas: " addproperty="atlas.password">
        <handler classname=""/>

    <echo message="Uploading jar file to server using pscp" />

Can anyone please provide the proper method for accessing the SecureInputHandler in an Ant build running within IntelliJ?



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