IntelliJ IDEA v13.1.5 - failure to run svn in /usr/local/bin (svn version 1.8.9) - bug??

Hi I'm getting the following error when trying to synchronize with my svn repository with a project already downloaded via command line svn:

svn: E204899: Cannot run program "/usr/local/bin" (in directory            "/Users/xxxx"):            error=13, Permission denied

This works fine from within Eclipse - so why is this error happening?  I have tried everything - chmod a+x on the directories and the svn executable, to no avail.

I am running on Mac OS X version 10.9.5

Please help - if I can't use SVN, I cannot use IntelliJ - it's useles without being able to use version control to checkin/checkout files.

I have use command-line svn unchecked in the preferences for intelliJ


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