AIR application window not showing in Debug mode

I'm using Idea 9.0 Build#IU-93.13, with Flex SDK 4.0.10485. I compile an AIR 2.0 application with debug=true. I can successfully launch it in "release" mode. However, as soon as I try to launch it in "debug" mode, the application window does not appear. I see many traces displayed by my application at startup time, and then nothing.

I also tried to use a more recent Flex SDK (4.0.13383), but the debugger did not succeed in connectingn to the player; I had the following error:

Failed to connect; session timed out.
Ensure that:
1. you compiled your Flash movie with debugging on, and
2. you are running the Debugger version of the Flash Player.

Thank you very much for any fix suggestion.

Best regards,


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Thank you for your feedback,
I have opened an issue It will be fixed soon.

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Thank you very much !


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