Interacting with IntelliJ through Chrome (Plugin Dev)

Note: I realized after the fact that this thread would have been more suitable for the "Open API and Plugin Development" forum. I can't seem to find a way to move it there. My apologies.


Through IntelliJ UE 14, I open up an HTML file in a browser, which takes me to a page like http://localhost:63342/RFTests/SmokeTest.html . I'm wondering if IntelliJ provides any mechanism through which a Chrome extension (or any browser plugin,) could interact with it (possibly through the port in the opened URL)? I have developed an IntelliJ plugin, and it would be great if I could pass in some contextual information from a right-click in Chrome to this plugin to perform some task.

Is this possible?

If so, can someone point me to more detailed documentation (for the IntelliJ-side of things.)

-- Cam

Edit: Clarified that I developed an IntelliJ plugin (as opposed to a Chrome extension.)

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Actually, I'm presuming my IntelliJ plugin could open its own port. The Chrome extension could then communicate with it over this port to kick off some task.

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Hello. Please see

Your Chrome extension could communicate using websocket or http. As far I understood you, I recommend you http.

1) Create your implementation of (it is extension point).
2) From your chrome extension perform request using XMLHttpRequest (


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