Mantis BT - can not update ISSUES with IntelliJ


I have tryed to connect IntelliJ with my issue-tracker Mantis.

I installed Mantis 1.2.19 - and configured IntelliJ:

Tools => Tasks => Configure.

Add a new "Mantis" Server - fill out Server URL, Username and Password.

And on the second Tab, I set the option "Add commit message" with the default value ({id} {summary}).

When I press Button "Login", IntelliJ returns "Conection Successful". I can chose my Project (maybe I can choose a filter, too, but I have no filters in my mantis jet :-)

When I oben the "open task" dropdown, there are the task from my mantis - I can choose one them.

So far, so fine.

BUT: when I made a commit and push - there is no comment in my MantisBT.

I have tryed it on localhost AND I have tryed that on my real Server.

I got no Errormsg - so what can I do?


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I think it is a bug----

So I created an Issue:


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