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Hi all,

10 minutes into using WebStorm. Can someone please explain how, when I set the project tabs to 2 spaces it sticks, when I change the default to 2 it creates a Default(1) record and no matter what I do I can't get 2 spaces in the editor for tabs and indent and unindent.

You know, with all the editors I use and all the various programs I use to edit JS/PHP/Ruby etc. this sort of basic frustration is enought for one to just forget about using a product. It should not be this hard :)...

Thank you

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Just for a reference: looks similar to

We are trying to reproduce the problem now. At the moment it's Ok on our side.

Answer the following question, please: when you get this scheme Default (1), and you are editing, say, JavaScript settings, is the _preview panel_ (at right side) updated accordingly?



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