Dreaming of one "Bundle license" that could unlock (almost) all the JetBrains IDEs

I'm sorry, I know that this is not a technical-related question but I don't know where I could post this request otherwise. Also, I beg you to forgive my english grammar and spelling errors and I hope that you'll understand what I mean anyway.

Here's my personal thought:

I love jetbrains products. Last year I purchased a license for IDEA, with the intention of using it to develop PHP scripts for work and study Python and Ruby (I never cared much about Java); after a year I realised that for my personal workflow it was better to purchase two separate licenses for PHPStorm and PyCharm; and I'm currently evaluating the possibility of buying a third license for WebStorm, because even if JetBrains employees says that PHPStorm is a super-set of WS, its internal web server is actually a webstorm-only feature and is very handy in some situations. I know that I could renew my IntelliJ Idea license and by using its plugins have the support for PHP, Python, Ruby and all the other languages, but IMHO PHPStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, etc taken as single products are better suited, for at least these four reasons:

* They have a better support for the newest features of each of those languages
* Sometimes they have features not supported by their counterparts on IDEA
* Judging from my experience over the last year and from the complains I read on the blog, it seems to me that they get update much often than the relative IntelliJ Idea plugins.
* You can directly drag and drop a folder and have it open inside the IDE, without having to create a new project

I would personally love if JetBrains could make a sort of subscription where you can purchase a single license and use it to unlock every JetBrains IDE available at the moment with the exception of IntelliJ IDEA and Resharper (WebStorm, PHPStorm, RubyMine, PyCharm, AppCode). Of course, the price for a license of this kind would be *way more expensive* than the price of a license for a single product, but I feel that if Jetbrains could sell it for a good price there would be many person interested in that; for example, they could charge the same price they're actually asking for a license of IDEA.
For that price I would buy a license for sure.

So I'd like to ask a question to both JetBrains staff and to the members of this forum:

Do you think it's a crazy idea or do you think that there's something good in this proposal?



IntelliJ IDEA is basically just that. IntelliJ IDEA is a polyglot IDE that has all the features (leveraging the exact same code) found in PhpStorm (need to download the free PHP plugin after install), PyCharm, RubyMine, and WebStorm. But it also includes support for  Java, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Kotlin and SQL dialects. As well as a number of frameworks/APIs. About the only difference is the release cycles. For example, since the products have different release cycles, a new Python feature might be added and release in PyCharm, but not appear in IntelliJ IDEA for a little bit of time.

I do think that it needs to be made more clear on the Jetbrains.com website the relationship between IntelliJ IDEA and the other IDEs.

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yep..although, there is a matrix comparing community vs ultimate, dunno if adding other IDE's to it would be logical...

( http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/editions_comparison_matrix.html)


Hi Francesco,

I'll answer in short: the idea is not crazy at all.
It flies around JetBrains offices for quite some time now. Hopefully one day we'll figure a way that's good for everyone.
Thanks a lot for bringing it up and of course for supporting us by owning licenses for so many of our products.

And just one note about buying WebStorm. You mean the built-in server, right? I think it is planned to have it in PhpStorm too: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-17044

Best regards,


Mark, M.J.

you're right we badly need a visualized matrix/schema of supported technologies showing which product supports which technology.
We know it. And we're working on it.

Best regards,



this would indeed be very interesting.
Currently I own 3 personal licences (IntelliJ Idea, PhpStorm, AppCode). I love the Jetbrains products and sometimes I feel that the lightweight specialized products such as PhpStorm fit better to my work destinated to Php....
Furthermore AppCode is not included in any way in Idea, so if you intend to develop ios apps you need at least 2 licences.
To me the idea of having one licence for all sounds pretty good :-)

Keep on the good work.



Thank you for the kind words :-)


I think this would be a great IDEA (pun intended). Seeing that the release cycles of the lighter products does not necessarily line up with IntelliJ, it would be nice to have a bundle license that covered them all. Therefore, if a user needed the latest feature of PyCharm that is not currently in IntelliJ, then they could grab the latest version.

I'm a freelance front-end developer and currently own PhpStorm. I'm evaluating PyCharm and IntelliJ because one of my clients has asked me to help with a Python project so PhpStorm is no longer useful. But what if down the road I have another client that wants me to pick up some Ruby?

The bundle license would be a great fit for my scenario.


I completely agree. I am new to IDEA (trying to switch from another IDE) and I am really confused. While I want JEE IDE (here IDEA) and AngularJS (here WebStorm) while JetBrains' people say IDEA Ultimate covers all of it actually this is not true since I need latest versions of plugins for all the development and I don't want to use two IDEs for it nor pay twice for the license. This is pretty confusing and I hope someone can clarify and make things easy in this issue...


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