Documentation for this element is not found for Java7 javadoc lookup?

Just noticed the quick Javadoc lookup isn't working quite as well as it used to. When I lookup String.format I get a lookup with some error warnings at the top about missing external urls. But these are the default Java7 urls from oracle and appear to resolve when entered into a browser on the same machine.

unhelpful lookup.png
But more funstratingly in this example I cannot click on the 'format string' link and see the doc on the string format spec - which is what I really wanted to get at. The clicks don't appear to register/resolve at all. Nothing happens.

When I check the Project settings I find the only help url for this JDK is the default:

New or known bugs? or is something misconfigured here?

I'm using latest stable IDEA 14.0.3 updated this morn.

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I having the same problem trying to access Java 6 docs

Following external urls were checked:
The documentation for this element is not found. Please add all the needed paths to API docs in Project Settings.

Problem seemed to start after upgrading to CE 14.0.3


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