Now that IDEA 9 RC1 is out I wanted to list out some issues affecting IDEA9

More critical issues in my opinion -- I also believe the first 3 are all
related to the same problem. (Editor is telling me my
class needs to implement a method after I did an SVN update but no files
related to this file in question changed) (IDE reporting the class has
errors in the tab but the inspector icon in the top right indicates no
problems) (IDEA incorrectly reported
that my class did not implement a method in the interface but after restart
it was OK) (After adding a custom
dictionary to IDEA, the spelling tab takes 3?-?5 minutes to open. Snapshot
attached) (In trying to debug
IDEADEV-41445, I added an @Qualifier to my LocaleResolver but the list is
reporting that it's autowiring against types which are not of type
"LocaleResolver" such a spring security authentication providers.)

Nice to have but not critical: (Is it possible to store
Maven settings in the shared project file instead of workspace?.?xml?) (creating an inspection to
find/fix duplicate bean configuration issues. I wasn't sure if this was in
the 92.24 EAP yet but it appears it's not working for annotations yet.)

Thanks for taking another look at these issues. IDEA9 is shaping up to be an
awesome release.

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