Packaging AIR for iOS - missing bundle identifier

I have been able to package my AS3 project for Android with no problem. I am now trying to get iOS working and have run into an error. IntelliJ creates the package but when it tries to install I get an error:
Installation Error: MissingBundleIdentifier

I am using a development provisioning profile with a bundle identifier set: com.hookbang.packrat
My application descriptor xml file specifies <id>com.hookbang.packrat</id>

I have opened the ipa and looked in the application. I have found a info.plist file that has the bundle identifier set.

I am not specifying an Apple iOS SDK in the build configuration.
I am also not specifying any Additional ADT options.

I am running out of things to try. What am I missing?

I have xcode 6.1.1 installed
iTunes 12.0.1
IntelliJ 13.1.4

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Googling says that it may be related to the files/folders included in the iOS package. The 2nd link from the search engine was, it can be of help.

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Not allowed to have a folder named "resources" included in the package. That fixed it.


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