IDEA 14/Python Plug-in Remote Interpreter/"Local" Python package resolution issues


I have a file structure like this on a remote machine called supercell:



I run my app from the command line (on supercell) with PYTHONPATH set to py thus:
$ python -m vantage.vantage

... and it works fine.

I want to run Intellij on another machine (a Mac) but edit the files on supercell. To do this I took the following approach:

  • Remote mount supercell:/home/<my-username> on my Mac.
  • Create a New Project.
  • Import utils and vantage from the remote mounted folder using File/Import Module...
  • Set-up a Remote Python interpreter, set it as the Project Interpreter and ensure it's specified on each of the two modules. has this line in it:

import util.units

In the IDE this is show as unresolved. All standard Python imports (e.g. ctypes, collections etc) all resolve correctly.

There's something wrong with my configuration of Intellij I guess. Any ideas? Is this the wrong approach? Does anyone have something similar working successfully?

Thanks i advance for any thoughts,


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I have discovered that if I import py as a Module it works better, then some of the modules under py resolve. However others don't. It's as if there's a cache I need to clear or refresh somewhere....

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... OK, so I removed all the Python modules from the project and re-added them and it started working properly. I wish I knew where the "cache refresh" button was!


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