Alt+Enter not accepting IntelliJ suggestions

After I typed "@Test" and then hit Enter, IntelliJ suggested adding the "import org.junit.Test;" statement by pressing Alt+Enter.

However, every time I tried to do this, IntelliJ presented me with a "Generate" menu instead of adding the suggested import statement.

In the past, I've successfully used Alt+Enter in IntelliJ 13 on my Windows 7 Professional workstation at work.

Currently, I am having the problem with Alt+Enter not working on a brand-new installation of IntelliJ 14 that I have running on Windows 7 Professional via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro. I have left the Bootcamp keyboard settings at their defaults. So fn+option is equivalent to Alt, and works fine in other programs.

Therefore, fn+option(Alt)+enter should work in IntelliJ to accept a suggestion. However, as described above, this is not the case on my system. Does anyone have any ideas for how to fix this?

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