Debugging with GWT 2.7 and SuperDevMode.

I don't know if this is a limitation of (a) Source Maps; (b) GWT; or (c) IntelliJ 14...

I've got a good sized project which we recently updated to use GWT 2.7 and SuperDevMode. (Side note--Very painless to setup the new run configuration and It Just Worked!!!!)

I can set my breakpoints and see my code in the far so good.

The problem comes when I want to inspect a variable. All the variables show up as the somewhat mangled JavaScript names such as "result_0_g$" instead of the method parameter I have named, "result".

This means I can't do things like:

  • Hover my mouse over the variable, parameter or field to see a tooltip with the value
  • Evaluate Expression to get the details of the expression
  • etc....

Is there something (an option in the Run Configuration to pass in the Dev Mode Parameters perhaps?) that I've missed?



Our setup was not so painless, but I eventually got breakpoints in Java to work after reading this issue:

But now we have the same problem as you reported, that the variables cannot be evaluated, etc.

Does anyone from Jetbrains have any input on this issue?


Aha, here we go. It is a reported issue, possibly related to a problem in GWT:


Should this work now in 2019 ?
I find a bunch of duplicates in youtrack, but not sure if this is now fixed or not.

I also found this issue is still open :
It states some workarounds but not sure if these should work.

So is it possible in Intellij 2018.3 to view the value of a variable when hoovering over it ?


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