Intellij 14 (UE), GWT SuperDevMode, NoServer


I posted this question in the wrong forum yesterday, so apologies for the repeat:

I saw the blog post on using GWT SuperDevMode with Intellij 14. Our situation is slightly different in that we cannot use the built-in Jetty to run our application, so we need to pass the "-noserver" option to GWT. When we do this then everything seems to be running correctly... I have Tomcat running on port 8080, the GWT codeserver starts successfully, and the IntelliJ Javascript debugger is connected to my Chrome tab (I can see the javascript console output in the Intellij javascript console). But the breakpoints in my GWT code do not have the red "tick" beside them, just a red circle, and the breakpoints are not activated when the code is executed.

What are we doing wrong? Can anyone help us to debug the problem?

We are using GWT 2.7.0, IntelliJ 14.0.2. Any other version numbers you'd like to know?

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Made some progress after reading this other discussion.


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