Debugger state does not reflect position in code

I am not sure why this is happening but my Threads and Variables pane in the debugger never gets updated as I step through the code. Is this a feature or a bug? It feels like a bug to me but I am surprised that no one else seems to have reported it. It's also pretty major as this is the latest RC build.

I have seen this for a few builds now... but since it was so major I assumed it would be affecting many people... but now I am wondering if it's an environment related issue.

Using the evaluation(alt+F8) or hovering over code to see instance values works. Which is my only current work-around.

Has anyone seen this?


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timing is everything ;-)

few minutes ago I experienced strange issue with debuging (somewhat different with yours):
I have a maven project, with two modules, same package and class name, lets say:
One of them I am deploying (exploded) and otherone not.
Now, when I set a debug point somwhere in class, which is deployed, Idea jumps to the line of class, which is *not* deployed

go figure..


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