Focus stealing with multiple project windows

I know that this has been mentioned several times before, but this is a really annoying problem. It's impossible to work with more than project at a time.

Whenever I have two projects open at the same time often the focus stays in one of the windows (usually the first project which was open). Pressing a key like Ctrl+E in the second (focus-less) project window shows the last files dialog, but of Project 1!

For some reason IntelliJ thinks the focus is still in Project 1 although I'm working in another project.

This is NOT in 8.x (so different from the usual focus problems).

Thanks a lot,

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Yes, I'm having this same annoying problem and it is really slowing me down having to open and close projects as I make  interdependant changes to each one.  I thought about simply  installing another copy of intellij  to a different location (Suse Linux) and then running 2(or 3 or 4 or ..) completely seperate versions but that won't take very long to bring my machine to it's knees.

Any word on a fix or workaround for this?

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I tried running a completely seperate copy but got the error "Only one copy of IntelliJ can be running at the same time" so that's no
t going to work.


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