IntelliJ IDEA 14.0 "performance experience" on MacBook Air?

I'm thinking about buying a MacBook Air to be mobile. I'm mainly working on web development, needing to run a local PHP & Python webserver, mySQL and maybe MongoDB.
Has anyone experience about the performance of IntelliJ IDEA 14 on a MacBook Air in such a constellation

- 13"
- i5 1.4GHz
- 4GB
- 128SSD
I think that the main show stopper would be 13" and 128SSD?
Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Hi Michael,

I'm on ASUS with i5 on 2.0GHz, 4GB RAM and 128 GB SSD.
Using IDEA for web as well, it works very fast and stable, although the web project is quite small.

I would say that only the small screen would be problem, although I already got accustomed to using IDEA's "View Full Screen" option.
You can consider attaching MacBook to a bigger second monitor.

Hope that helps,


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